5 Tips In How to Prepare For Your Photo Shoot

TIP #1 

Communicate with your photographer about your location. There is nothing worse than showing up to a location and NOT having the location work with who you are. Express what you are looking for through images if you have any. (because, Let's be real, us photographers do well with visuals and Seeing what our customer is wanting). 


TIP #2


I can NOT express this enough. MATCHING IS SO LONG AGO....Outfits complimenting each other is more appealing when viewing the images.  In planning your outfits, have them compliment each other, NOT match each other. When you match your outfits, it draws the eyes to see the clothing and not YOU.

We want the eye to be drawn to the faces, to the expressions, the feelings that are portrayed in the image. Dress up as if you were going to church, a cocktail party, or to a wedding. These are images you are investing in and you deserve to have images of yourselves all prettied up. 



Bring more than one outfit!! This includes shoes and accessories. It is always nice to have a variety of choices to change into, but it is also a lifesaver if something happens on the way to the shoot.

Example::: You accidentally spill your dinner you are cramming in your mouth before the shoot. You have a hole that you didn't notice before. ( I think you get the idea). Trust me; its always safer to bring extras.


TIP #4

Bring Water and Snacks!! Shove it in a lunch bag and go!!! There are many locations where there isn't any access to water, let alone food. I can't tell you how many times I have been grateful for having extra water and a snack or two for the kids.

BUT- With food limitations and allergies, I HIGHLY suggest bringing a snack, EVEN if you ate before you came (which I also suggest). There is nothing worse than doing a photo shoot when your "hangry".

Take if for me; eat before you come, but also bring water and snacks, JUST IN CASE!!!    Its WORTH IT!!! 


TIP #5

BREATHE!!!! Remember there is no such thing as perfection. So in getting ready the day of, BREATHE, don't stress ( don't yell ) and keep telling yourself, "It's all going to work out! Britney's Got This!"  There is nothing worse than showing up to the photo shoot and I ( as the photographer ) feel the tension as if my clients just got done with an argument.  YOU INVESTED IN THESE PICTURES WITH ME!!!! Do you want to look back at them and think; "Oh look, I remember that day, That's when I snapped and threatened everyone to smile." LOL.

Things happen ( yes, its easier said than done) but JUST BREATHE. Don't leave memories of arguments, but leave memories of laughter and strong connections with each other!!



Added Bonus:: If you have kids; Remember, they are kids, and it is CHALLENGING to hold still, (it's challenging enough even for adults, might I add.. LOL). That's why I love capturing the Candid shots of your REALITY so you can put it in a frame and onto your wall!  


I hope these 5 Tips help. If you need any other suggestions, I'm only an email away. 

I can't wait to Capture your Memories. 

Hugs- Britney J Photography 

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